AIM Alberta (2014-15)

I manage this one. It uses the Joomla CMS.

Thompson Rivers University Library (2012)

An extensive though somewhat temporary redesign pending the university’s eventual shift to a new CMS and design template.

TRU Library CMS (LibGuides) (2012-13)

Makes “key resources” available on the landing page of each guide. Uses visual-design language similar to the pending redesign of the university’s website.

TRU Library new site (2013)

Front-page mockup of new design for TRU Library website.

Centennial BC Library conference (2011)

To mark the centennial of the BC Library Association and appeal to librarians, this design rotated, each week or two, a trio of illustrations from children’s books, circa-1911 (a golden age of children’s book illustration). This rotation also kept the homepage looking fresh. A box at the bottom of the homepage explained the concept and credited the artists.

The University of Idaho Library (1999)

An early use of menus and submenus (with rollovers), as well as a news box to communicate with users and stakeholders and “tell the library’s story” (still a radical concept in some quarters).

The Pacific Northwest Library Association (1999-2002)

A high-concept early design in which the menu consisted of a compass surrounded by text. Mousing over the text caused the compass to rotate to that selection (via disjointed rollovers) and the text to turn gold. The menu background was a composite of rivers, mountains, coasts and forts from early maps of the Pacific Northwest.  Overall, PNW greens predominate, and the banner featured a profile of Mt. Baker, a mountain near the U.S.-Canada border. Remnants of the actual website can be found here.

Multimedia orientation to UA Augustana Library (2011):


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