A miscellany of graphics and layouts from over the years:

Graphic for an online sociology course, as requested by the instructor. It depicts male spouses, one of whom is breastfeeding their child while the other departs for work.

InDesign poster for Bike-to-Work Week

Slide for homepage, publicizing a learning event (AIM) Uses one of my photos from an AIM event (taken with subjects’ permissions)

Logo for AIM Alberta.

Banner image for a faculty webspace, including a logo I designed in the top-left (AIM)

Bookmark publicizing new Summon interface (TRU).

Verso of bookmark publicizing Summon (TRU).

11×17 poster publicizing Summon interface (TRU).  Developed for the Summon roll-out (Fall 2012), this made whimsical use of Sistine Chapel elements, both to play on the almost Biblical strangeness of the “Summon” name and appeal to undergraduates.

Small graphic publicizing longer opening hours during exam time (TRU).

Graphical link to Pictionary interactive game, incorporating a student’s drawing (TRU).

Poster thanking students for their patience during a noisy, disruptive event (and using a photo I took at the event) (UAlberta).

Slide (for LCD screen) promoting a student photo contest (UAlberta). An eye-popping “doors of perception” approach.

Poster advising of a disruption due to new furniture (while also publicizing the furniture) (UAlberta).

Posters promoting Vancouver Island Regional Library book bags.

Half-page newspaper display ad promoting a public consultation (VIRL).

Logo for ADMC Library (shown at top of bookmark). I hand-drew the image of an Emirati student reading. (HCT, 2004)

Logo concept for PharmaNet (BC Ministry of Health Services). (2009)

Poster illustrating the Dewey Decimal System, for Seattle Public Library. (2001)

Poster illustrating the Library of Congress system (for Pacific Lutheran University Library). (2002)

Six-panel brochure describing services at ADMC Library.

Poster promoting a faculty workshop at a college.

Poster promoting a prize at VIRL (using my own photo).


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