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“Rattenbury redux: A legendary name in B.C. architecture is linked to a proposed Prince Rupert library project,” Vancouver Sun, 3 August 2002, H7.“A Brave New World of Gov Docs.” BCLA Browser, v.3, No.4 (2011). “Trying to Read the Future: Given the pace of the information age, Vancouver’s new library may be the last of its generation,” Georgia Straight, 30 September 1994, 9.

“Are libraries destroying our print heritage? Nicholson Baker thinks so, but some Canadian librarians accuse the US author of ‘over-simplifying’,” Quill & Quire, July 2001, 8.

“Valley libraries ban free papers in bid to avoid gay publication,” Vancouver Sun, 9 February 1995, A1.

“Made to Measure: Vancouver Public Library,” Quill & Quire, May 1995, 15.

“Urban Public Library Directors: Who are they? Where did they come from?” Feliciter, February 1997, 34.

“A&B, Tower scale back book sections: Books and music may not be such a good mix after all,” Quill & Quire, May 2001, 9.

Vancouver Sun Opinion: “To know Canada, visit our fascinating national archive online” June 30, 2017

Georgia Straight “Trying to Read the Future” A lengthy cover piece occasioned by Vancouver Public Library’s new central branch and the digital revolution. It was republished by Wired online. (large file)

BC Business “Telecommuting” A feature in British Columbia’s top business magazine. (large file)

BC Business “Corporate Retreats”

Business In Vancouver “Valley World” A rundown on business developments east of Vancouver

Hotel Advertisement (BC Business magazine) Ad copy I wrote for one of Vancouver’s finest hotels. I subsequently collaborated with their marketing director on a brochure

Trendz A publication I wrote & edited. It circulated to shopping mall managers and marketers across North America

Quill & Quire “Victoria Public Library rights historic wrong” One of many articles I’ve written about public libraries over the years

Vancouver Sun Articles Several articles written for the city’s largest daily

SFU Library News A newsletter I was enlisted to design and write, in order to publicize the activities of Simon Fraser University Library to the campus at large. I also took all the photographs, and was restricted to using Word (rather than, say, Pagemaker/InDesign) for design & layout. I collaborated with the director, associate director, head of reference, and other librarians in the process. This was the first issue. (large file)

Internet Forum A newsletter I put together and distributed to all branches while working at Fraser Valley Regional Library, to publicize the findings of a system-wide forum I attended (but which most staff did not)

Blackboard authoring A few screens from a course on Aboriginal justice I worked on while at the Justice Institute of BC (large file)

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