Moodle’s “externalities”

After considerable tinkering, I’ve realized what I should have realized sooner — that Moodle doesn’t allow the integration of JavaScript interactions (i.e., a common type of learning object) into HTML course pages.

The reason is fairly simple — Moodle doesn’t allow the course author any access to the <head> of an HTML page which means the JavaScript that belongs in the <head> can’t be inserted. You’re restricted to working within the <body>. If memory serves, this same limitation exists in WebCT and Blackboard.

This explains a lot — for example, why so many course authors don’t author in these LMSs; they build most of their content outside the LMS and only send their learners into the LMS for quizzes and exams. It also explains some of the popularity of Flash for learning objects — a SWF file is self-contained and doesn’t require script in the <head> of the html page.


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